Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Happy Friday!

As excited as I am to see Friday, it also means one more week of summer gone.  Sigh.

I'm joining my girls, Narci and Andrea, to share our FAVORITES on a Friday.  :)

I have a big batch of random favorites for you this week...
First up, if you're an adopted mom or know someone who is...get them this devotional!  I highly recommend it.  I had a sweet friend gift it to me and I'm loving it.  And if you have any other recommendations, PLEASE share!


A little time in the sun by the pool is my FAVORITE.


If you follow me on Instagram, you know this weekend my man pulled through for us.  ha!  Last week was a long week with camps, Backyard Bible Club, practices, and Tab out of town.  Friday the kiddos and I were dressed to meet some friends at the pool when Tab called to say...LET'S HEAD TO THE GAYLORD THIS AFTERNOON!

The Gaylord Texan is just a thirty minute drive.  They have amazing Christmas decorations we frequently check out, but we'd never spent the night or visited in the summer.  So we popped over to enjoy the water park, spend the night and most of the day, then we drove back on Saturday evening.  Let me tell was just what I needed.

 These four were stoked about our little staycation.

We checked in, dropped our bags, and caught the shuttle to the water park.

Miss Britt is a FAN of the water!

Our room had a great view of the hotel's atrium.

Two Slaughter girls all clean and ready for bed.

Only in Texas can you see a giant pair of boots used as a play area for kids.

This whole family of six thing is cramping our style in the hotel room department.  haha!  We don't fit anymore!   On this stay we had a one bedroom suite.  The three big kiddos all slept on the fold out couch.  (I'm sure it was a bit crowded but no one likes being the one kid out so they ALWAYS choose to all sleep together.)  Tab, Britt, and I slept in the king size bed.

On Saturday morning, Tab had a football meeting in Ft. Worth, so the plan was for the kids and I to stay and enjoy the water park while he did that.  For some reason, Nixon thought the football meeting would be fun.  He insisted on going (and later decided that decision was all wrong...ha!  He said fifteen minutes in he realized he'd made the wrong choice.).

Bowen would pop up out of the water slide and declare, "THAT WAS AWESOME!".  Every.  Single.  Time.

Britt did GREAT!  She's a big fan of the water.  We played in the kid area, would go around on the lazy river, and then head to the big pool so Ebby Lee and Bowen could do the water slide and zip lines.  We did this pattern over and over again.  Britt fell asleep in the pool while I was holding her.  The second I laid her down she was up, but she never got cranky-even without her nap.

We had chips and dip, chicken strips, and smoothies...GREAT day at the water park.


She was mesmerized by this little pinwheel.  And have I mentioned how her little tan is my FAVORITE?  There's not much I love more than tan lines in those little baby wrists!  AHH!

We were walking around the water park and I bumped into this sweet reader, Kajsa from Pittsburgh!  She was absolutely precious.  We chatted for a bit and even Miss Britt was excited about our selfie.  

Can you spot Bowen?  This area was perfect for Bowen's age.  Ebby Lee could hang here too, but Bowen could have played for days.  Big props to my FAVORITE guy for making our weekend so special!


Check out how CUTE this blanket is?!  Isn't it darling?  Tab's football crew sent it to us after welcoming Britt home and I couldn't love it more.  I asked Rebecca where she got it because I knew you guys would want to know.  She got it from this shop on Etsy.  SO CUTE!


If you missed it, I shared some cute workout gear that keeps me moving and then we chatted at home workouts on Tuesday.  You guys had lots of great recommendations for ways to get moving at home.  Check out the comments!


A FAVORITE verse.  :)


A BIG HAPPY FATHER'S DAY shout out to this guy!  He brings the fun everyday.  He keeps us laughing, makes us all work harder, and is our biggest supporter.  He works so hard to provide, spoils us all, and leads us all to Christ.  We love this guy big and celebrated him with burgers after church on Sunday.  And then steaks for dinner.  :)


These cuties wanted me to remind you about the comfy Tucker + Tate line for kids.  You can see all their clothes details here.


Tuesday, Britt and I got my hair done and ran some errands.  I thought I'd save time and have a smoothie instead of sitting down and stopping for a meal.  I was laughing so hard because I clearly ordered wrong and instead of it being a regular "meal replacement" smoothie I'm certain this was a "Thanksgiving meal replacement".

Right after the Thanksgiving smoothie, Britt and I were doing a little shopping.  The sales woman walked up and started talking to Britt (being so sweet).  Britt buried her head in my shoulder and the sales lady said, "Oh, you just want your mama".  Super simple statement, but it meant so much.  For the past four and a half weeks I've been doing everything I can to get this sweet baby to know I'm her mama.  So for a stranger to witness a little proof....well, let me just say it made my day!  God used this sales lady to speak into my heart.  In the midst of this new family of six it's sometimes hard to see how far we've come and that sweet lady reminded me.


 My blogger and real life friend, Olivia, dropped off some goodies at our house when we got back with Britt.  I must tell you she didn't want me to share these but I insisted because they were so cute.  I know some of you ladies might be looking for great gifts for adopted mamas and I highly recommend these.  

 This coffee mug is so special and she can customize it just for you.  You can see all the goodies in her shop.

She knew my mama of four self would be wearing all the tees this summer and she just started making these in her shop.  Olivia is one of the sweetest people I know.  If you're looking for a special gift, check her out!  And she blogs too over at Joyfully Prudent.  :)  Word on the street is, she's got a GIVEAWAY happening today!  THANK YOU, Olivia!

Thank you guys for stopping by today!  Hope you have a great weekend!  XO

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Bringing Home Britt-Part 5

Our last three days in Kunming were pretty low-key.

Wednesday, we started off the day touring a Budda Temple.
It was rainy, yucky, and just cold outside.  I hadn't packed well for a day like this.

 Everyone had a great attitude about getting out despite the weather.

Our hotel had several umbrellas they let us borrow.

These two huddled up to stay warm.  :)

Miss Britt realized on this day she could perform a little tug on her headband and they'd come right off.

For a Wednesday morning, I thought this area was rather busy.  Our guide told us it was mostly retired people or tourists.

I'm not sure why they're flexing here??

It was the kind of damp day you just couldn't get warm in...know what I mean?  I've never wanted sweatpants so badly in my life.  haha!

Since I hadn't packed warm enough clothes after the temple tour we asked the driver and guide to take us to Gap.  I'd spotted one earlier on our way into town.  I knew we'd fine some warm things we'd wear again in America.  So we went to Gap to get some warmer clothes for the next day.

There was a big important meeting happening in Kunming during our stay as well.  Two different times the police shut down traffic so the caravan could come through.

I took Britt back to the hotel to nap and Tab took the big kids out for lunch.  They went a little authentic during this meal.

I'm crazy proud of them for trying all that!

About the time they returned, Britt was waking up.  We spent a lot of time playing in our room.  Just getting to know each other.

We walked back to Salvador's for dinner.  :)

Thursday was our last full day in Kunming.  Up first was the Minority Village.  It's an area close to Kunming that has a variety of minorities represented...we'd see their houses, clothes, etc.  These minorities happen to make up the Yunnan province.

The kiddos and I look like a Gap ad, but we were warm!

Each minority represented had a home set up so we could see what it was like living in their village.

Me and my girls. :)

Can you spot the peacocks right behind those three cuties?

These were fancy little buildings built around wells.  Nixon thought he was too funny getting awfully close to the inside.

In each little village area, you could rent the typical costumes to try on.  This couple looked so legit we asked to take a picture with them.  :)

I've got a baby wrapped up in that blanket.

Daddy's girl :)

One village had this big meeting with all kinds of people fully dressed in costume.  We asked if we could join them for a picture and they were all so nice.  Can you spot our crew?

The boys thought sounding this gong was the coolest.

Sweet girl had a big day!

Our guide, Mrs. Susan, took us to another authentic lunch spot.  This girl right here is hands down our most adventurous eater.

It was at this moment we should have noticed Nixon was feeling a little under the weather.  I kept blaming the food-he's pretty picky so I thought he was just skipping lunch.

There's a pretty popular show in Kunming and we'd gotten tickets for this evening.  But later this afternoon, Nixon got sick in the hotel room.  Britt, Nixon, and I stayed back while Tab took the others.  They said the show was awesome!

In true Bowen fashion, he slept through the entire show!

Friday mid-morning we met in the lobby all packed up for our flight to Guanghzo.
We said our final goodbyes to Kunming and Mrs. Susan.

We got ready to board the flight as a family of six!

You know who did amazing on her first flight?  THIS GIRL!  She slept for just a bit and was so good.

These days were full of trying to figure out Britt...what she likes/dislikes, what to feed her, how to comfort her, and the list goes on.  These two days were my toughest days.  It was just a lot at one time.  I was full of all the emotions and mixed with little sleep that can sometimes be rough.  haha!  God was there every step of the way and I had amazing friends and family who were lifting us up in prayer, were sending me the most encouraging texts, and who really helped carry us through.

I know this adoption thing isn't for everyone, but if you have friends in the midst of adoption-be their encouragers!  It's hard to explain how my people were the hands and feet of Jesus to us at this point so many miles away but they were.  I felt their love and prayers all the way in China.  If adoption isn't for you, then be those hands and feet for others.

Thanks again for reading.  XO